Our Team

Micheal Carrozza

Nutritionist/Fitness Specialist

Mike is an AMF Certified Sports Nutritionist/Fitness Trainer who has been playing sports for over thirteen years. Mike places a huge emphasize on improving technical skills and athletic ability.  Determination is backbone of Mike’s training method, pushing our athlete’s past personal records. Whether it is strength training, weight loss, or speed training.

Steve Tria

Fitness Specialist

Steve graduated with Honors from Southampton College of Long Island University with a B.S. in Biology, and has held various certifications. He specializes in training athletes and has worked with professional athletes along with pro-prospects from multiple sports. He’s participated in multiple sports himself, from wrestling in high school, to lacrosse in college, and even semi-pro football. He was ranked on Powerlifting USA’s top 100 list with a 670lb squat, 475lb bench press, and a 505lb deadlift at a body weight of 220lbs. He credits his diversity in athletics to his love of training, which has been honed with years of hard work inside and outside of the gym. He has had the opportunity to train with and learn from some of the best in the industry and the powerlifting community as well. He’s now setting his sights on the Olympic Weightlifting Platform.

Rich Wilson and Kyle Murray


Rich and Kyle currently intern at Team 13 Fitness. While already well educated in the field they took it upon themselves to gain experience working at one of the best gyms on the island. Not only does this increase their awesome factor by at least 27%, but they did learn proper mopping and equipment sanitation practices as well. In all seriousness, they’re two young, hungry trainers looking to increase their skill level in all aspects of training. Keep an eye on these two, they’re about to make some waves in the industry, once they take out the trash of course.